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What is positioning in your Brand Strategy?

by | Nov 22, 2020 | Brand Strategy

In Branding, positioning is not like become the first in the class. When we talk about your Brand’s positioning, it’s all about your audience.

Brand positioning happens to our audience’s minds.

Based on your audience experience, persona, and context, different people will position your Brand differently.

Main players of your Brand Positioning:
1️⃣ Audience
2️⃣ Competitor
3️⃣ Differentiator

To build a strong position in the market, you need a solid strategy.

Let’s dive into your audience, competitor, and differentiator.

Know about Audience:
Your audience is who your Brand wants to appeal to in fine detail down to their fear, beliefs, and behaviors.

Who are Competitors:
Competitors are the options of your audience already has in the market, where we look for gaps.

Find Differentiator:
What makes you different from the options your audience already has. The differentiator is the key product of your positioning.


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