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Have you heard about invisible Brand?

by | Nov 19, 2020 | Brand Strategy

Have you heard about invisible Brand?

From Brand anatomy, we can see two-part.
✅ Brand Strategy
✅ Brand Expression

Brand Strategy consists of two-part.
▶️ Internal Brand
▶️ Brand Position

Brand expression consists of two-part
▶️ Character
▶️ Verbal Expression
▶️ Visual Expression

Internal Brand is included:
🔘 Purpose
🔘 Vision
🔘 Mission
🔘 Values

Brand position is included:
🔘 Audience
🔘 Competitor
🔘 Differentiator

Your Brand character is your
🔘 Brand Personality
🔘 Brand Voice

Verbal Expression consists of
🔘 Core Message
🔘 Storytelling
🔘 Name, Tagline, and Promise

Your visual Expression consists of
🔘 Visual identity
🔘 Presence

Here the visual Expression is only part of your visible Brand. The other entire part is your invisible Brand.

Brand Anatomy

Brand Anatomy


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