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Dive deep into position strategy.

by | Nov 23, 2020 | Brand Strategy

Let’s position your Brand from a strategic view.

Analyze your Audience (Understand them):
✔️ Their emotions
✔️ Their lives
✔️ Their problems
✔️ Their fears
✔️ Their desires

Analyze your Competitors
✔️ Find Strengths
✔️ Find Weakness
✔️ Look at it from the audience’s perspective.
✔️ What makes their audience happy?
✔️ What makes their audience unhappy?

Now develop your differentiator:
✔️What is different about you?
✔️ Does it fill an unmet desire of your audience?
✔️ Does it fill an unmet need?
✔️ Does it fill a gap?

The goal of positioning is to separate you from noise.

If you come to the market and provide what your competitor does, you will be overlooked.

You must have to be different in at least one point. Dive deep into my questions. Understand your audience. Analyze your competitor and find out your differentiators.

Your differentiators will position your Brand in your audience’s mind.


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