Sadman Sakib


This is Sadman. I am working as a Brand Strategist. I help Business Brands and Personal Brands to find the roadmap to start their Brand with a meaningful purpose, current action by focusing on an achievable vision.

Whether entrepreneurs want to start a Brand or Business, they don’t know where to start and how to scratch the roadmap from start to finish. I will help them to navigate their roadmap with a solid Brand Strategy that connects.

Branding is all about connecting with the audience. Make them happy, help them with their problems. Please don’t come with your products or services for selling to them. Find their problems. Pick any one of those problems. And solve that. They will be your customer.

When I have started my university life, I was frustrated about earning money. At that time, I was thinking about how people earn $1. I tried web design, python programming, content writing, graphics design, cybersecurity.

But at the end of the day, I couldn’t earn 1 cent. My problem was I was not consistent. I was changing my fields. Actually, I was trying to figure out my interested field. When I failed in those filed, I was thinking; I wasted my time. But now I can realize noting was a waste. I learned a lot. All are working as my asset now. From that knowledge, I designed my own website. So never stop learning, whatever it is.

When I was started learning Branding for a Business or individuals, I found interest, and I also became consistent with this. I started reading books. Taking courses, and day by day, I analyze the biggest brand strategies, and now I think I can navigate Brand strategy. I found the Gaps the Brands are doing in the market. 

Most of the Brands don’t know what actually Branding is. A lot of mistakes they are making. As a result, they are in backlash.

So at this stage, I should work for those who are in backlash, those who are cannot cut through the market noise. I can see opportunities in every business but they don’t have a solid strategy.